About Roche Diagnostics India

About Roche Diagnostics India

Roche Diagnostics India is the country’s in-vitro diagnostics market leader. The Company started its India operations in January 2002 and provides diagnostic testing for early detection, evaluation and monitoring of disease. Roche Diagnostics India works with the objective of “Doing now what patients need next”, thus preparing for the future needs of healthcare in India.

The India Roche Diagnostics organization truly reflects the philosophy and values of Roche globally. On the product side, the organization provides a wide range of diagnostic products for distinct areas of diabetes, virology, blood screening, women’s health, microbiology, oncology, and genomics for India’s customers. The Company’s largest business unit, Centralised Diagnostics has been the pioneer in developing new technologies, and supplies integrated solutions for clinical laboratories. Roche’s Centralised Diagnostics offerings in India represent the Company’s 50 years of innovative development in the fields of clinical chemistry automated diagnostic systems and immunochemistry. The Company’s HIV, HbsAg, Anti HCV, TORCH Panel, AMH and Sepsis markers like Pro-Calcitonin and IL6 among several others have played a pivotal role in disease detection, and thus an improved quality of life for millions of people.


Molecular Diagnostics represents Roche Diagnostics India’s second largest business unit. Through its Molecular Diagnostics solutions, the Company has been introducing to India new ways to use Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to diagnose disease and monitor response therapy.

Roche Diagnostics India offers diagnostic and research solutions through two other business units, respectively Tissue Diagnostics and Custom Biotech. Through its focus on innovation and exploring the future healthcare needs of patients, Roche Diagnostics India meets the complex and changing healthcare needs of the country’s diverse people and their healthcare providers with highly innovative diagnostic solutions.


Excellence in our DNA:

  • With a total strength of 606 employees across India, Roche Diagnostics India won the Aon Hewitt Best Employer India Award 2015
  • Roche Diagnostics India won the Frost & Sullivan Indian Healthcare Excellence Award as the best In-Vitro Diagnostics Company of the year for three consecutive years (2012-14)


Committed to make a difference – Corporate Social Responsibility with Project Roshni:

The Project was initiated in 2015 to address the issue of anemia amongst women in two tribal clusters (comprising 17 villages) of Palghar, in Maharashtra. Today, going beyond anemia management for 100 severely anemic women, the programme provides livelihood management skills for 500 women already, so that they can afford nutritional food and sustained healthcare.