COBAS® IT solutions 

cobas IT solutions are complete Information software solutions offered by Roche Diagnostics worldwide to its customers for Roche & Non-Roche instruments in various segments of diagnostic industry catering  to four major areas of Laboratory Management which include:

  • Data Management.
  • Connectivity Management.
  • Workflow Management.
  • Information Management.

cobas IT 1000 – Work Area Manager for Hospital Point of Care.

cobas IT 1000 solution offers complete IT solution for Hospital Point of Care devices like Roche Cardiac Readers, cobas h232,cobas Blood Gas Analyzers & Non-Roche point of care instruments.


cobas IT 3000 – Work Area Manager for Central Laboratory.

cobas IT 3000 solution which is core lab module is a solid bridge in transition from data oriented to information oriented diagnostics through the trusted partnership which we share with our customers. With one tool you standardize your processes, reduce variability & increases efficiency at once. That’s the way to meet productivity targets of today’s laboratories.

cobas IT 5000 – Laboratory Information System.

cobas IT 5000 is more like a Laboratory Information System, which has Core lab module along with Blood Bank Module, Microbiology Module & Web Card Module.

Unique features of cobas IT solutions:

  • Laboratory QC
  • Quality control management with validation rules.
  • Test Masking.
  • Technical Validation.
  • Sample archival & retrieval.
  • Decision Management with rules.
  • Decision Management without rules.
  • Sample Distribution.
  • Information Console.
  • Statistics Module.
  • STAT window.
  • Hematology Performance Suite.
  • Audit Trial.